Arne Nordmann
PhD / Dr.-Ing.
Robotics Software & Systems Engineering

>10 years experience in robotics software and systems engineering, including model-based engineering methods, physical simulation, motion control, and integration/composition of complex software-intensive systems.

Model-driven engineering, domain-specific languages

Model-driven software & systems engineering, domain-specific languages, JetBrains MPS

Model-based safety assessment

Model-based methods to support semi-automatic safety-assessment of complex systems, e.g., FTA, FMEA from system models. Applied to Bosch products, e.g.,

Formal methods, model-checking

Formal methods (LTL, CTL), model checking, contract-based design.

Software Engineering

10+ years experience in software engineering in automotive and robotics. Mainly C++, Java and Python, continuous integration, git, various open-source projects, e.g., ROS, ROS 2, micro-ROS, mbeddr-formal.

Presentation and scientific writing

30+ scientific publications from 2010 till today, including best paper award of SoSyM in 2018. Presentations on international conferences, invited talks, and invited participation in panel discussions.

As a robotics enthusiast fascinated by the design, integration, and analysis of complex, software-intensive - and potentially safety-critical - systems, my journey has led me through academia and industry. During my Ph.D. at Bielefeld University's Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics (CoR-Lab) in Germany, I dove into model-driven engineering applications for collaborative robots, industrial robots, and mobile robots.

My journey continued at Bosch Corporate Research, where I navigated the complexities of safety-critical software-intensive systems, including architectures for highly-automated driving and robotics. My professional background and interest in strategic topics led me to coordinate the euRobotics Topic Group on Software Engineering, System Integration, System Engineering.

Since May 2022, I've taken the role of Head of Engineering at NEURA Robotics, leading the engineering departments and overseeing product development and innovation.

Head of Engineering
NEURA Robotics05/2022 - today

In my current role, I am coordinating the NEURA Robotics engineering departments, lead decision-making across individual engineering disciplines, and facilitate the synergy between hardware, software, and AI.

Research Engineer
Robert Bosch GmbH, Corporate Research10/2015 - 05/2022

At Bosch, my role entailed applied research across automotive and robotics projects. I specialized in model-based safety assessment and cloud communication in automotive, and robotics systems engineering for intralogistics and household robotics.

Research Associate
CoR-Lab, Bielefeld University03/2010 - 09/2015

At the CoR-Lab, my work revolved around model-based software & systems engineering for robotics, domain-specific languages, and motion control for humanoid robots, mobile robots, quadruped robots, and compliant industrial robots.

Research Assistent
Siemens AG, Corporate Technology06/2008 - 12/2008

Internship at Siemens Corporate Technology in the department Robotertechnologie (engl. Robot Technology) with focus on probabilistic robotics and physical simulation of robot scenarios.

Bosch Talent Pool2019 - 2022

I was a part of Bosch's trainee program for management candidates, where I had the opportunity to deepen my skills through seminars focused on self-reflection, communication, and conflict management.

PhD, Dr.-Ing.
Bielefeld University2010 - 2015

I obtained my Ph.D. in robotics software & systems engineering at the Faculty of Technology of Bielefeld University with my thesis "Modeling of Motion Primitive Architectures using Domain-Specific Languages" submitted in August 2015.

Technical University of Dortmund2003 - 2009

I completed my Diploma (Master Degree) in electrical engineering, specializing in control theory and robotics. Thesis: "Überwachtes Lernen bildbasierter Roboterverhalten" (engl.: "Supervised Learning of vision-based robot behaviors") in July 2009.

Student assistant at Institut für Roboterforschung (2006 - 2008).

Topicgroup Coordinator
euRobotics2017 - today

Coordinator of the euRobotics Topicgroup "Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering". Organization of community building events and workshops, curating topic group and providing input to the European Robotics&AI Strategic Research Agenda.


Panelist at various conferences and workshops, most recently Panel on "Best practices for Robotic Software Engineering" together with Robert Bocchino (NASA) and Allison Thackston (Waymo).

2014 - today

Supervision of three master thesis' in robotics and automotive as well as supervision of an industrial PhD together with Prof. Lars Grunske, Humboldt University Berlin.

Robotics Blogs2008 - today

Founder and main author of the German robotics blog Owner of the international robotics twitter account @planetrobotics (~14K followers) and the German robotics twitter account @robotik (>400 followers).