Arne Nordmann
Arne Nordmann

My Research

My current research interest is focused on model-driven engineering methods and domain-specific languages to help design, integrate, and analyse complex, software-intensive systems. During my PhD I explored the application these methods on architectures for collaborative robots, industrial robots, and mobile robots at the Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics at Bielefeld University, Germany.   Since joining Bosch Corporate Research in 2015, I learn my ways around architectures for safety-critical, software-intensive systems, such as architectures for highly-automated driving.   I am coordinator of the euRobotics Topic Group on Software Engineering, System Integration, System Engineering and contribute to micro-ROS through the European OFERA project.

Recent and Selected Publications

Find me at research gate and google scholar.

Programme Committees

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Further Online Resources

A large collection of domain-specific languages for the robotics domain is collected in a collaborative online resource called the Robotics DSL Zoo. Your contribution to it is highly appreciated: Contribute!

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